Built to perfection!

How’s this for the bodger, I mean builder in you life? This white iced cake has been surrounded by red bricks cut from orange/brown sugar paste/fondant. The dents are made with a bone tool before leaving then to dry. When dry they can be assembled around the cake using ivory coloured royal icing as mortar. […]

The Beatles & West Ham?

Mad about “The Beatles” and support  “West Ham”! If so this cake fits the bill. “The Beatles” logo was copied from the internet, printed to required size and cut out. The templates were then used on rolled out flower paste to cut all the required components before being left to dry. The Electric guitar was […]

What will it Bee?

Novelty baby shower cake, covered in yellow sugar paste / fondant, decorated with sugar daisies and bumble bees with the caption “What will it Bee?”

Pearl Anniversary Cake!

This two tier 30th anniversary cake is covered with ivory sugar paste / fondant, with a pearly finish and edible beads, oyster shell and pearl.

Perfect For Breakfast On The Go!

Mix it all together! Golden brown! Ready for a taste test! Love this fruit and oat slice, perfect for breakfast on the go or as a lunch box addition! Here’s what I used: 140g light brown sugar 3 tbsp golden syrup 140g butter 250g oats 85g raisin/sultanas 85g walnut pieces or any other nut you […]

What quantities of ingredients do I need for my cake tin?

How much mixture do I need for this tin, what recipe and quantities should I use? These questions are regularly asked and it is very difficult to give a straight answer as there are so many variants, size, shape and height of tin for example, hopefully this chart will help? As a general rule, measurement […]

Who Doesn’t Like Coconut Ice?

Hands off it’s mine! Colour free coconut ice! First layer in place! Pink coloured coconut ice! Top layer done! This pink and white coconut ice is delicious and needs no baking: what colour will you make yours? 397g can condensed milk 350g desiccated coconut 350g icing sugar few drops vanilla extract pink food colour 23cm […]

It’s Only Fudge!

My Favourite: Creamy, salted caramel flavoured fudge. What’s your favourite flavour? Oh no, have to eat it now! Here’s what I used: 100g butter 550g demerara sugar 200g golden syrup 350ml double cream 1 tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp sea salt flakes Here’s how I made it: Simmering! You must leave it to set! Cut […]

Spooky Halloween Cake!

This three tier novelty cake is the perfect table centre piece for a Halloween party. Made from 10″ and 8″ round cakes and a 6″ sphere for the pumpkin. The base cake is covered in purple sugar paste and allowed to dry over night in order to ease the addition of the decoration. This is […]