Woodland & Countryside Themed Cakes

Woodland cakes are becoming increasingly popular so we have come up with some ideas to help.

These toppers look great on cup cakes, sausages and in sandwiches
Here’s how great they look in cupcakes!

However, if you prefer edible decorations we also have icing discs printed with edible ink ready to place straight onto your cakes.

These icing discs are ready cut and completely edible.

To help you finish off your woodland theme we have cupcake wrappers, they are in a pack of 12 and easy to assemble, just place around your baked cupcakes.

Don’t they look amazing, bright, colourful and fun?

If your making a large woodland themed cake we have a great tree bark embosser, ideal for wood effect and tree stumps.

Simply position on your sugar paste/fondant and press down to emboss the design, this can be used as it is or add some detailing with dust brown colours.