The best way to attach an edible icing image to your cake is with edible glue
  • You can design your own edible icing image from our website.
  • For best results cut out the image with a craft knife.
  • Apply edible glue with a brush to the back of your image and attach it to the required place on your cake.
  • Alternatively, you can attach your edible icing image to the modelling paste, cut it to fit and allow it to dry.
  • When dry you will be able to stand your image up on top or on the side of your cake, or at an angle as I have done here.

If you require your icing image or multiple images to stand alone, for cakes or for cupcakes, apply you’re cut-out pictures to modelling paste and cut around them and leave them to dry.

These will then stand up around and on your cake or cupcakes as and where you desire.

This effect is a very popular trend with very tall and small butter-creamed cakes. It allows you to turn a simple cake into an eye-catching, celebration one.

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