The Roll ‘n’ Cover range of sugar pastes is our own Almond Art branded cake coverings, which are so easy to use yet reasonably priced, achieving a smooth, flawless finish to your cakes. This easy-to-roll-out sugarpaste has a delicious subtle vanilla flavour.

It is ideal for covering cakes and also for model and decoration making. Add a teaspoon of CMC/Tylo powder or Gum Tragacanth to 250g of Roll ‘n’ Cover, transforming your sugarpaste into a modelling paste which you can then use for creating edible models, sugar flowers and cake decorations.

This sugarpaste should be kneaded well before use to activate the gum and sugar, then it can be rolled with a small amount of icing sugar, as you do not want to alter the consistency of the paste, I’ve rolled this many a time without any icing sugar without it sticking to the surface.

This is a very pliable product so perfect for numbers, letters, shapes and novelty cakes.

It doesn’t crack or leave a crinkled surface (elephant skin) or set too firm.

Here are some examples of our “Roll ‘n’ Cover” in action, all cakes covered in various colours. The flowers, bows, ballet shoes, Minnie’s ears, large numbers and elephant are all made using our sugarpaste mixed with Gum Tragacanth for these amazing models and decorations.

The number “1” cake is covered with our “Super Hero” blue, the board & spots with “White”, the stars with “Ocean Blue” and the name with “Postbox Red”.

“Baby Pink” and “White” is used on the “18” and “ballet shoes” & 3-tier “wedding cake”.

“Polo Shirts” are covered using “Orange”, “Super Hero” and “Lime” green

“Minnie Mouse” has been decorated with “Postbox Red”, “Midnight Black” & “White”

“Pearl Anniversary” with our “Ivory”

“30th Birthday” nearly all the colours have been used creating this one! =)