How Do You Colour Cake Batter?

How to make bright eye catching cake batter and bake them into bright eye catching sponge cakes! A basic sponge mix is best for this purpose as you will need to beat the colour into the batter, if you make a genoese for example, the beating action will disperse all the air and you will […]

Edible beads for cakes!

Silicone bead moulds are a very effective way to make edible beads for adding detail and enhancing the finish on your cakes. See how easy it is with this video tutorial and give it a go! They make a lovely border around cake bases as an alternative to ribbon or royal icing. Draping them down […]

Mix And Match Side Design Cake

A set of side design cutters have been used to create this dramatic cake, with metallic gold modelling paste and Midnight black “Roll n Cover” sugar paste, set off by a black cake drum. Gold modelling paste is a great product, after cutting into small pieces it’s best warmed in the hand before working a […]

How To Use Side Design Embossers To Decorate Your Cake

This tutorial shows you how to effortlessly use embossers to add detail and dramatic effects to the sides of your cakes. Brickwork is great for a boys “Knight’s Castle” cake or you may have a resident builder in your midst, you might want to copy a house or a building, this is an accurate, fast […]

How To Make Edible Sugar Blossoms

In this tutorial you can see how easy it is to make edible sugar blossoms using a set of cutters, a non stick rolling pin, a foam flower pad and some odd bits of sugar paste. They look great in different colours, sizes and with contrasting centres. It’s a really easy way to add some […]

How To Create A Wood Effect With Sugar Paste

This tutorial shows you how to use a wood grain impression mat to give maximum effect on sugar paste/fondant icing. Adding some colour helps bring out the grain and any added detailing for that WOW factor. Why not give it a go, it’s surprisingly simple? Teddy brown “Roll n Cover” sugar paste is a great […]

How To Use A Silicone Lace Border Mould

This tutorial shows you how to use a silicone lace boarder mould using a mixture of modelling and sugar paste/fondant icing. It’s very easy to use and can be added to the sides, base or top of your cakes to give a vintage effect result. The lace can be made in any colour or have […]

Edible Sugar Plaques For Cakes

This video shows you how to make and decorate edible sugar plaques for the top of celebration cakes using sugar paste/fondant icing and edible pens. It’s very simple, can save lots of time and if piping is not your thing, it enables you to personalise your cake by adding an inscription, age and name, without […]

How To Make Shapes On Wires

This tutorial shows you how to use flower and modelling paste to make Snowflakes, Stars and Hearts on wires for adding height and the WOW factor to your cakes! It’s surprisingly easy, all you need is some shaped cutters, metallic wires, edible glue and glitter and some flower or modelling paste. I’ve used metallic Gold […]