Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Celebration Cakes

Baby showers are a great way for friends to celebrate a mum-to-be.

A gender reveal party is a celebration where either the guests, the expectant parents, or both find out the sex of the baby.

Both are becoming increasingly popular so a range of products are being produced to assist with the preparations such as the cutters below.

No party or celebration is complete without a cake!

Mother & Baby Hippopotamus cutters set
These are a great idea for a Baby Shower cakes, with hippos in lovely pastel colours.
These Mummy & Baby Giraffe cutters are ideal for Baby Showers or Gender Reveal cakes
in this eye catching yellow and brown paste.
Mother & Baby Owls, these look great in any colours so are very versatile and fit with any colour scheme whether you know the gender or not, making them perfect for Baby Shower and Gender Reveal parties.
Mother & Baby Elephants, always a popular choice as they look great and can be made to match any colour scheme.
Mummy & Baby Monkeys, these are great fun and fab on cakes and cupcakes,
adding accessories to match your chosen colour scheme.

Edible Icing Image

We have the facility on our website for you to design your very own personalised edible icing sheet to complement your birthday or celebration cakes.

Choose your favourite image or images, be it for fun or to embarrass your nearest and dearest, add a caption, i.e “Happy 18th Birthday Son” and choose from a number of adornments such as stars and circles then pick your colour scheme. If you’re using a colour photo or picture it looks best if you choose one of the colours in the picture for your text as you can see on the sample below.

Icing sheets are perfect for quick cake toppers, decorations for the side of your cake or for complex designs and logos that you can’t make by hand. They are great for business celebrations and corporate promotions.

Here’s an example of an icing image of a particular pair of roller skates wanted on a celebration cake, as you can see we have added our own piped inscription but you can add your own chosen printed wording from a choice of text. In the past we’ve seen examples of holiday pictures and tickets, cruise liners and event entries or designed to surprise the recipient.

This Images maker is a great tool to have in your arsenal, it keeps the cost low and the impact high. Why not give it a try it is VERY user friendly.

Personalised Edible Icing Image

Under the Sea

We have added some fab new products to our Almond Art range including these “Under the Sea” toppers. The printed card on a cocktail stick variety are ideal for cupcakes, cakes, treats and savoury snacks sold in a pack of 12, while the 15 discs are printed with food safe edible ink onto thin sugar so are completely edible and look great on cakes and cupcakes. These are best secured with edible glue if using sugar paste circles or alternatively can just be rested on the top of freshly piped buttercream.

All your beautiful bakes can be set off by these colourful printed card cupcake wrappers sold in a pack of 12. Under the Sea themed products

These cutter sets go well with our “Under the Sea” theme, including Octopus, Seahorse, Dolphin, Whale and Shark, as well as an assortment of little fishes and sea shells.

Of course this theme would not be complete without Mermaid Tails, so this set has a small cutter ideal for cupcakes and the large one is perfect for larger celebration cakes and bakes.

These cutters can be used with ordinary sugar paste or fondant as it is known in the USA. If you need your decorations to set hard, a flower or modelling paste can be used instead.

All these products are available from our website

Suit Cake

Suit Birthday Cake

This smart suit cake is perfect for anyone that wears a suit or is up with the latest fashion. You can change the colours to personalise to a different style for a school uniform or designer brand. You can also alter the design for other items of clothing such as football shirts or sports jerseys.

Cake Board Vs Cake Drum

What should you use… a cake board or a cake drum?

Cake Board vs Cake Drum

What is a Cake Board?

A cake board is a piece of hardboard covered in foil (usually silver but other colours are available) and around 3-4 mm thick. They are dense and very strong. They’re perfect for most cakes and provided you’re careful with them when cutting your cake they can be reused a few times.

Other names for cake boards: double thick cards, hardboards

What is a Cake Drum?

A cake drum is normally a layers of card or card foam board covered in foil (like cake boards you can get them in other colours but silver is the most common) and they are around 12-13mm / ½ inch thick. They’re strong and are generally available in larger sizes than cake boards. Like cake boards they can be reused provided you care for them correctly.

Other names for cake drums: cake bases

So which one should you use?

The main difference between the 2 is their thickness. Cake drums at around 12mm / ½ inch are perfect for adding a ribbon around for some extra decoration.

Cake drums were traditionally used for wedding cakes but are becoming increasingly popular for all cakes due to the option of adding a ribbon.

Cake boards aren’t obsolete though, they’re often cheaper and they’re used for tiers in stacked cakes as the thin but hard board is easy to cover but offers ample support for the cake.


You can read more about the differences between the cake boards, cards and drums we sell.