Achieve a perfect-looking ganache cake every time with these plates.

Simply place a ganache plate on top of your cake, and one at the bottom, and use them as a guide when smoothing ganache, around the edges of your cakes, they help you achieve a flat top and sharp edge to your cake, and can also be used with buttercream, royal icing and frosting.
The set includes 2 plates of the same size, one for the base of your cake and one for the top.
Tip: use a thin card on the base of your cake and place a greaseproof disc on the top of your cake before adding the plates, this makes for easy removal on completion.
If the plates are intended for use with ganache once your cake had shrunk after cooking it is best to use the same size plate as your cake i.e 6-inch cake, 6-inch plate.
For more frosting or buttercream, ¼” plates will allow ¼” extra coverage.
If you need a deeper coverage ½” plates will allow you to achieve ½” of buttercream or frosting.

In summary:

Same size plate for your cake if it shrinks once baked
¼” plate for ¼” frosting or buttercream around your cake
½” plate for ½” frosting or buttercream around your cake

These plates are made from 100% food-safe clear acrylic and can be reused time and time again so are a great investment for any home cake decorator and professional cake crafter.
Wash in warm soapy water before and after use and wipe with a soft cloth, an abrasive cloth will scratch the acrylic.
Do not place it in a dishwasher or in hot water, as it could potentially warp the product.

How to Make Chocolate Ganache

  1. Place finely chopped chocolate into a heat-proof glass or metal bowl.
  2. Heat cream on the stovetop until just simmering. If it’s boiling, the cream is too hot and could separate or even burn the chocolate. Once you see little simmers around the edges, turn off the heat and immediately pour the warm cream over the chocolate.
  3. Let the 2 sit for a few minutes before stirring.
  4. Stir slowly until smooth.

The basic formula for ganache is a 2:3 ratio, two parts double cream to 3 parts chocolate in weight.