Mix And Match Side Design Cake

A set of side design cutters have been used to create this dramatic cake, with metallic gold modelling paste and Midnight black “Roll n Cover” sugar paste, set off by a black cake drum.

Gold modelling paste is a great product, after cutting into small pieces it’s best warmed in the hand before working a piece at a time to make it pliable. It’s then ready to roll out nice and thin on a surface greased with a small amount of white fat, this makes it easy to release and prevents it from drying out. Lightly grease the cutters before cutting out your shapes, this 8″ round, 5″ deep cake needed 20 pieces.

After covering your cake with Midnight black sugar paste you can attach your decoration with edible sugar glue, making sure you line them up straight and put one directly above the other.

Ruffle flowers are made from three different sized circle cutters after preparing the gold paste the same way, you fold the circles into ruffles and glue together before drying in some formers or egg cups to hold there shape. They can be added to the cake when they are dry.

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