Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes are becoming increasingly popular, the term shower assumed to mean to shower the mother to be with gifts, such as , nappies, bottles, clothes, blankets and toys.
Traditionally for the first child and women only, they are hosted by a friend rather than a family member as it is considered rude to request gifts for our own families, however they are increasingly arranged by the baby’s grandmother.
I remember when I had my first child twenty eight years ago, it was considered unlucky to celebrate or to have anything baby orientated in the house before it’s safe arrival. The cot, pram and all the other paraphernalia were kept out of sight, usually at the baby’s grandparents and would miraculously appear on the new families return from hospital with your new bundle of joy!
Now everything is prepared and celebrated up to a month before baby’s arrival with some mothers choosing “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy” when the gender is known in advance, to adorn their cakes.

How times have changed!

If you’re organising a Baby Shower, and the gender is a surprise, why not try this easy cake below, it’s covered in neutral yellow sugar paste with pastel pink , blue and green polka dots with some baby building blocks and edible ribbon, also made from thinly rolled sugar paste?

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