How do you colour buttercream & chocolate? This is a question I have been asked many times and it has now become a lot easier to answer because of the range of products now on the market.

Most edible food colourings are made from synthetic dye. They have only water-soluble ingredients, so when they are added to buttercream the fat is not dyed which is why the colours are dull, pale and insipid.

To successfully colour buttercream an edible oil-based food gel or paste colour is necessary, so when it is mixed in, the pigment combines with the fat giving vibrant, eye-catching colours as a result. A white pigment can be used to achieve bright white buttercream too.

Colour mill edible oil-based food colours from Australia.

Colour Mill colours are described as ‘next generation food colour’ produced in Australia, these are super concentrated oil-based icing colourings designed explicitly for use with buttercream and other products that have a high-fat content including chocolate & candy melts. The picture below shows the beautiful colours achievable in buttercream and chocolate or candy melts from pastels to brights.

Colour mill edible oil-based food colouring or dye for buttercream & chocolate
If you are conscious of the planet & prefer to buy British, Sugarflair has a range of oil-based colours too!

Sugarflair oil-based food colours, made in the UK, are specially designed to colour the oils and fats used in baking and decorating. Unlike standard food colourings that only dye water-soluble ingredients, these colours are suitable for chocolate and will produce vibrant colours in fat-rich mediums such as buttercream and cake batters. The picture below shows the range available including black and white.

Sugarflair oil-based edible food colouring or dye for buttercream & chocolate