Suit Cake

Suit Birthday Cake

This smart suit cake is perfect for anyone that wears a suit or is up with the latest fashion. You can change the colours to personalise to a different style for a school uniform or designer brand. You can also alter the design for other items of clothing such as football shirts or sports jerseys.

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Cake Board Vs Cake Drum

What should you use… a cake board or a cake drum?

Cake Board vs Cake Drum

What is a Cake Board?

A cake board is a piece of hardboard covered in foil (usually silver but other colours are available) and around 3-4 mm thick. They are dense and very strong. They’re perfect for most cakes and provided you’re careful with them when cutting your cake they can be reused a few times.

Other names for cake boards: double thick cards, hardboards

What is a Cake Drum?

A cake drum is normally a layers of card or card foam board covered in foil (like cake boards you can get them in other colours but silver is the most common) and they are around 12-13mm / ½ inch thick. They’re strong and are generally available in larger sizes than cake boards. Like cake boards they can be reused provided you care for them correctly.

Other names for cake drums: cake bases

So which one should you use?

The main difference between the 2 is their thickness. Cake drums at around 12mm / ½ inch are perfect for adding a ribbon around for some extra decoration.

Cake drums were traditionally used for wedding cakes but are becoming increasingly popular for all cakes due to the option of adding a ribbon.

Cake boards aren’t obsolete though, they’re often cheaper and they’re used for tiers in stacked cakes as the thin but hard board is easy to cover but offers ample support for the cake.


You can read more about the differences between the cake boards, cards and drums we sell.

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Elegant Eighteenth

Elegant Eighteen - 2 Tier 18th Birthday Cake

Elegant 2 tier 18th birthday cake with pink roses and ribbons. The cake also features an 18 motif with vintage style golden frame and additional detailing. The 18 number is a printed icing sheet that was cut to size [click here to make your own].

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Heart Spray

Heart shaped cake covered in white icing and decorated with red, silver and pink hearts, wording and a large spray of hearts on wires.

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Engagement Hearts

Hearts Engagement

Simple heart themed engagement cake decorated with red hearts, silver hearts, silver rings and a heart piped border, perfect for valentine engagements.

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Simple With Stars

Simple cake that’s perfect for lots of occasions with brightly coloured stars and piping detail to match.

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Pikachu Cake

Perfect for any Pokémon fan this Pikachu cake is shaped from a 12″ square sponge and covered in our own sunshine yellow sugarpaste. We used a poké ball shaped plaque to hold the birthday message.

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Andriod Tablet

Android Tablet

The box is a cake cut into an oblong and covered in white sugarpaste.

The cake drum is covered in light brown sugarpaste and embossed with wood grain and painted with edible brown food colours to achieve a wood effect (see our video on how to do this here)

The tablet is made from black flower / modelling paste rolled to approximately ¼” thick, cut to size and left to dry. The Android tablet screen is made from an edible icing image as well as the Android logos on the sides of the box. You can order your own personalised icing sheets using our online editor.

When the cake and the tablet are dry they can be assembled and the edible icing image can be attached using edible glue.

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Cake decorators staple

This is the most useful cutter set that I have in my possession, I would be lost without it. They are great for cupcake & cookie decorations as well as finishing touches to novelty cakes.

These are great for cutting all your basic shapes and are all kept together in this handy tin with 3 sizes in 8 different shapes: Hearts, Rectangles, Triangles, Circles, Ovals, Squares, Stars, and Flowers for cutting out sugarpaste, marzipan and flower paste.

The largest square is 40mm x 40mm, to give you an idea of the sizes.

grab yours by clicking here

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Family silhouette cutters

These family silhouette cutter can be used on so many different cakes, look great and are very easy to use.

Why not give them a try?

Perfect for decorating cakes for any occasion including engagement, anniversary, birthday, baby shower and much more. This set also works well with the other silhouette cutters sets from patchwork cutters.

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