Burns Night is a cultural event that takes place on the 25th of January in Scotland.

It celebrates the life and work of Robert Burns, a Scottish poet who is widely seen as the national poet of Scotland.

The tradition of a Burns night began shortly after the poet’s death when some of his friends gathered to remember Robert and his poetry on the anniversary of his birth.

Burns night generally follows a similar pattern, a meal with haggis, neeps and tatties, washed down with a good Scottish single-malt whiskey.

Finally, the activities of the evening are framed within his poetry. When the haggis is carved, ‘To a Haggis’ is recited, with its famous line, “Great chieftain o’ the pudding race”. Before the meal another of Burns’ poems, the Selkirk Grace is read.

The evening ends aptly with “Auld Lang Syne”. Robert Burns was the first to write down this old Scottish folk song, and its popularity is now global as no New Year’s Eve party is complete without its rendition.

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