Watch out for that bumpy road!

This cake decoration is achieved with a simple car cutter and added detail to make this fun, bright & colourful birthday cake, perfect for your little back seat drivers!

This 10″ round sponge cake and 13″cake drum have been covered with a bright ice blue sugar paste/fondant.

The cars are cut out from different bright coloured modelling paste with a simple cookie cutter.

They are livened up with contrasting detailing added, stripes, wheels, windows and lights all helping to add a sense of fun!

All the same colours are then used and rolled into small balls, they don’t have to be the same size, the idea is to make it look random and resembling a bumpy road. These can then be attached around the base of your cake with royal icing or you can use edible sugar glue.

When the cars have set hard attach them in the same way all around the cake resting on the top of the balls, I mean road!

Fluffy white clouds are then added with an inscription in the centre. Cloud cutters are available but they can also be achieved with 5 small white sugar paste balls, pushing them gently together randomly, before rolling them flat with a rolling pin.

You could use alternative cutters for a similar look, such as a tractor, lorry, motor bike or boat.

Why not give it a go?

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