Who Doesn’t Like Coconut Ice?

Hands off it’s mine! Colour free coconut ice! First layer in place! Pink coloured coconut ice! Top layer done! This pink and white coconut ice is delicious and needs no baking: what colour will you make yours? 397g can condensed milk 350g desiccated coconut 350g icing sugar few drops vanilla extract pink food colour 23cm […]

It’s Only Fudge!

My Favourite: Creamy, salted caramel flavoured fudge. What’s your favourite flavour? Oh no, have to eat it now! Here’s what I used: 100g butter 550g demerara sugar 200g golden syrup 350ml double cream 1 tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp sea salt flakes Here’s how I made it: Simmering! You must leave it to set! Cut […]

Spooky Halloween Cake!

This three tier novelty cake is the perfect table centre piece for a Halloween party. Made from 10″ and 8″ round cakes and a 6″ sphere for the pumpkin. The base cake is covered in purple sugar paste and allowed to dry over night in order to ease the addition of the decoration. This is […]

Yummy Raspberry Jam!

Why do raspberries always ripen at once? After picking two kilos in one day, I decided to make some jam and was not disappointed. How can something so simple taste so good? Equal quantities of fruit and Granulated sugar are used for this jam, so if you have two cups of fruit, you will need […]

How Do You Colour Cake Batter?

How to make bright eye catching cake batter and bake them into bright eye catching sponge cakes! A basic sponge mix is best for this purpose as you will need to beat the colour into the batter, if you make a genoese for example, the beating action will disperse all the air and you will […]

Watch out for that bumpy road!

This cake decoration is achieved with a simple car cutter and added detail to make this fun, bright & colourful birthday cake, perfect for your little back seat drivers! This 10″ round sponge cake and 13″cake drum have been covered with a bright ice blue sugar paste/fondant. The cars are cut out from different bright […]

Red Velvet!

These Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting look and taste amazing, perfect for a special treat! Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe 250g plain flour 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 100g soft unsalted butter 200g caster sugar 1 tablespoon red food colour paste 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 2 […]

Sunflowers, Hessian & Vintage Lace Cake

I designed this Vintage Sunflower cake for a friends 50th birthday, the brief was “up to you to feed 100 party goers!” The invitations had a sunflower theme so I used that for my inspiration. I thought two deep cakes would be better than one huge one so opted for 6″ deep 10″ square with […]

Yummy Pud!

Don’t waste your leftover bread, make a yummy pud instead! This bread pudding is a great way to use up leftover bread, rolls and buns. Try it you’ll love it! Bread pudding recipe 500g left over bread 500ml milk 200g dried mixed fruit 2 tsp mixed spice 2 medium sized eggs 100g melted butter 100g […]

Anyone For Tennis!

This tennis court cake is great for Wimbledon fans. Grass effect green sugar paste/fondant, crisp white lines, net with posts, racquets, new balls, and not to forget the score, which is a great way to add a person’s age and a sneaky little message! The grass effect can be achieved with a veining mat or […]