Modelling Tool Set 8pc

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This modelling tool set contains 8 double ended tools for creating decorations and flowers for celebration cakes.

Modelling Tool Set 8pc


This modelling tool set is an essential for keen sugar crafters and ideal for beginners.

These tools can be used with a variety of edible materials such as sugarpaste, flower paste, modelling paste and marzipan.

The kit includes a Scallop & Comb tool, the scallop is great for making eye brows, happy and sad mouths and ears on models, and the comb is useful for stitching or adding detail such as hair to models.

A Flower/Leaf Shaper this is used for creating the veins on foliage, leaves and petals.

The Ball tool is for thinning and shaping petals and flowers.

The Bone tool, which is great for shaping flowers and petals as well as making eye sockets and ears on models.

A Shell & Blade, the blade is used for cutting and marking and the shell for adding veins and patterns to flowers, foliage and decorations.

A Serrated & Tapered Cone tool, this is used to thin, frill and shape tubular flowers such as Freesia and Jasmine.

A Bulbous cone, also for thinning and shaping tubular flowers but I also use it to insert into cakes before adding flower pics or dowels, it opens the cake gently so there is no cracking.

A double ended Tapered Cone 5/6 point star, great for veining, making patterns and star designs, very useful for adding detailing to models and their clothing, as well as marking marzipan fruit, such as oranges and lemons.


  • Tools are approximately 160mm long
  • Set of 8 modelling tools
  • Wash in warm soapy water

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