Jem Easy Pops Mould - Baby Feet - Set of 2

Brand: JEM

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Perfect for topping cupcakes and decorating chirstening or childrens birthday cakes. The Easy Pops Baby Feet Cutter lets you make half-relief detailed decorations in moments.


A cross between a cutter and a mould, JEM easy pops / pop it moulds are a range of hard plastic cutters that have deep impressions and leaves additional embossed details on the final decoration just like a mould.


  • Insert the cutter into a JEM roller pad (see below)
  • Press paste into the cutter and roll over with a rolling pin. The sharper edges of the cutter will remove any excess paste.
  • Using your fingertips press down on any high detail areas to make sure all details are properly embossed
  • Use a pin or a scriber needle to remove the shape from the cutter.
Cutters are approximately 40mm x 30mm and 60mm x 45mm

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