I need cake boards, but which ones do I need?

Cake boards are available in many shapes, sizes and thicknesses, from poly-coated cards to drums!  We stock a large selection for you to choose from! You can also purchase cake board foil in gold or silver if you would like to reuse or cover any tired boards to minimise waste.

Here is a guide to the boards we supply and their uses.

Polycoated Cards

These are strong white card approx 1.5mm thick covered in a poly-coating which is greaseproof so will not allow moisture from your cake to leach into it. They are suitable for mainly gateaux, light sponges but can also be used for small fruit cakes up to 8” when stacking American style cakes.

Available in Round 6” to 12” or Square 6” 8” & 10”

Single Thick 2mm

These are strong card covered in silver foil ideal for gateaux, sponge cakes and useful when assembling a wedding or multi tiered cake, where the upper tiers are sponge, or small fruit cake, if a thin, hidden board the same size as the cake is required. 

Available in round and square and all sizes from 3” to 12”.

Double Thick  3mm

Stronger than single thick, ideal to support heavier fruit cakes, and larger, heavier sponges. Perfect for multi tiered cakes heavy cakes which require a hidden board the same size as the cake, or as a cost effective alternative  for your celebration cake.  

Available in Round and Square, many sizes

Hardboard (4mm)- silver

The ultimate in strength!  If you require an ultra strong but thin board, then this is the one to use! Just slightly thicker than the 3mm double thick.  Available in round and square from 6” to 16”.

Cake Drums 12mm thick

Perfect for wedding cakes or for the base of multi-tiered American-style cakes. As a minimum, for sponge cakes, you require a drum of at least 2” larger than the size of your cake, for marzipanned and iced fruit cakes we would recommend at least 3” larger than the size of your cake.  If you would like to add decoration to your board, letters or flowers etc you will need to take this into consideration when choosing the size of your drum, alternatively, reposition your cake to the back of the drum leaving extra space at the front for your decoration!  Many decorators like to cover the drum with sugarpaste adding a textured effect or as a base for extra decoration. The edge of the drum is then finished with a ribbon. To do this you will need a 15mm width ribbon and double-sided sticky tape to attach it to your board

Available in round or square from 6” to 20”, also (heart / hexagonal / petal / oblong / oval) in various sizes.

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