Food Colours - Types & Uses

We stock a wide range of food colours including Sugarflair, Rainbow Dust and Wilton and many more. Whether you're looking for a paste colour, paints, sprays, dusts, airbrush colours or edible ink pens we have a range of brands and shades to choose from.

The selection of food colourings is vast and some people, particularly those new to cake decorating may well become confused and overwhelmed by the choice and how to use them. Read on…!

Paste Colours

Paste colours are food colouring pigments suspended in a paste, this makes them easy to use and will not affect the consistency of your sugar paste, marzipan, modelling paste, flower paste or royal icing. The key to successfully colouring any of the above is to add small amounts of colour at a time (a cocktail stick is ideal to transfer the colour from your pot to your paste) until the desired shade is achieved. Use latex gloves if your hands will come into direct contact with the colouring paste. You may find that the colour deepens slightly over time so err on the cautious side.

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Gel Colours

Similar to paste colour but bake stable so ideal for adding to cake batter for coloured or rainbow cakes. Also perfect for colouring butter creams and frostings.

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Powder/Dusting Colours

Powder colours are used mainly for sugar flower making, dusting a colour onto a white or solid colour sugar flower will give a more realistic result than the flat colour paste you begin with, the effects are endless. You can also dust onto sugar paste plaques/decorations to enhance the finish. If you want to paint with the colour rather than using a dry dust you can mix it with rejuvenator spirit and paint detail on to your cake. The alcohol in the rejuvenator will evaporate away leaving your paint dry. Dust colours are available as a flat/matt colour, or lustre colour which will give a rich sheen to your work.

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Edible Glitters

Edible glitters are ideal to use on any part of your cake and are entirely edible, unfortunately they are not as vibrant as the hologram colours but are the choice of most amateur decorators. Sprinkle over your cupcakes, desserts, cookies, ice-cream or anything else that needs a little sparkle!

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Spray Lustre Colours

Use like any spray can, shake well and apply to your cake or decoration in light coats. (You should note due to regulations beyond our control we are unable to send pressurized containers either via Royal Mail or outside of the UK mainland)

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Edible Writing Pens

Very easy to use, write just like you would with an ordinary pen, limitations will be your own artistic flair! Best results will be obtained if you use on sugar paste or icing which has had the opportunity to surface dry.

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Airbrush Colours

Fairly self explanatory: easy to use liquid which will not clog the fine nozzle of your airbrush whilst you work.

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Liquid Colours

As the name suggests liquid colours are runny so therefore not as strong as a paste colour, you can use them for colouring sugar paste, frostings and icings but if you want a deep vibrant colour you will need to use a lot of liquid colour and this may alter the consistency of the medium you are colouring. Small amounts to achieve pastel colours will be fine. 

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Edible Metallic Paints

These are entirely edible, as well as very convenient, used straight from the pot, just requiring a good shake to mix them first and then paint onto your cake or decoration. The finish amazingly enough will be metallic like! The paint is also suitable to be painted onto baked cookies, biscuits, various pastries etc. Why not experiment as there is no real limitation to what these can be applied to. As the paints are water based, they are kind you your brushes/sponges and are very easy to clean at the end of your project.

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