Dowels / Cake Rods

Tiered cakes require dowels or cake rods to add strength to the structure. There’s nothing worse than watching your beautiful creation sink into itself or slide onto the floor during the wedding reception!! Fear not the easy way to avoid mishaps is to dowel your stacked or tiered cakes. (See our how to in depth guide for dowelling a cake)


White plastic dowels are a cost effective method of helping to support the tiers of your cakes when using pillars. Pillars have a hollow centre which the dowel slides through into your cake. These dowels can be cut with pliers, shears or a sharp knife. Available in 8” or 12” lengths


Hollow tubes are approx 12” long can be cut to size and will add extra stability to your cakes particularly suited for dowelling stacked sponge cakes they are easy to use and hygienic. Can also be covered in sugar paste and decorated.


Hidden Pillars are 6” high and similar to the hollow tubes above with a wider diameter and are ribbed.


Wooden dowels are useful for many craft projects and favoured by many cake decorators as these dowels easily cut with a sharp serrated knife. 

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