Side Design Cake


Cover an 8" round 5" deep cake with black sugarpaste on to a 12" round black foil covered cake drum and leave to dry.

Add some petal base to a non stick board and the edges of the cutters to be used.

Knead the gold and black modelling pastes until soft and pliable before rolling each out on the prepared surface until very thin approximately 1mm.

Then move the paste onto a dusting of cornflour before cutting out the required shapes. You need 26 of each.

Press the cutter down firmly all the way round to ensure clean edges.

Apply these to the cake as you go using edible glue, being careful to line the patterns up neatly.

Start with the largest shape in gold, then the smaller version in black and finally the 4 point star/flower in gold.


Ruffle Flowers:

Roll out the gold modelling paste as before but this time get it as thin as you possibly can. Then cut out 3 of the same size circles for each flower, you need 6 large circles and 3 smaller circles.

Place on a foam pad and with a ball tool thin the edges of each circle.

Hold the first circle in the palm of your hand and using your other hand gently pleat it all the way round, exaggerate the pleats on the second circle and glue into the centre of the first one. Pleat the 3rd circle even more, to about the size of a 50p piece. Then glue into the centre of the second circle to complete your ruffle rose.

Now place the rose into a flower former or some scrunched up kitchen paper in a tea cup or a small bowl to keep shape. When dry secure them to your cake.

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