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The range of food colourings offered by Almond Art is huge, it can also be a little daunting when choosing colours particularly if you are a beginner baker or decorator. We have a large selection of liquid and airbrush colours, oil-based colours, paste colours, gel colours, dust colours, lustre colours. spray colours, edible glitters, and edible ink pens. To simplify the choice here is a basic guide on what type of colour you require for the task you are intending.

  • Liquid/airbrush colours: Use liquid colours for adding a splash of colour to your royal icing, and buttercreams or can be used to paint directly onto your cakes or decorations.
  • Oil-based colours: These colours are ideal for mixing into cake batters and buttercream and chocolate. Due to their formulation, they will give a stronger more vibrate colour and are bake stable, meaning the product should be able to withstand high temperatures (up to 200+°C) Perfect for baking a rainbow cake. 
  • Paste Colours: The main benefit is paste colours do not alter the consistency of your sugar paste, fondant icing, marzipan, modelling and flower pastes when added. Paste colours are highly concentrated and you can adjust shades depending on the quantity you add.
  • Gel Colours: These are similar to paste colours but are generally supplied in a squeezable tube and are easier to add to your cake coverings, fondant icing, marzipan, modelling and flower pastes. Ideal for many baking recipes, such as colouring meringues and jellies, or try adding to our macaron mix for pastel shades.
  • Dust Colours: These are dry dusts which you can apply by brushing onto your sugar work, alternatively you can mix them with rejuvenator spirit to form a paint.
  • Lustre Colours: These are dry lustre dusts which you can apply by brushing onto your sugar work, alternatively you can mix them with rejuvenator spirit to form a paint. The difference between these colours and dust colours is that lustre colours will give a beautiful lustre sheen to your cake or decorations.
  • Spray Colours: Available as a spray can for easy application or as a pump spray for 'puffing' onto your cake or decorations to give a lustre sheen finish.
  • Edible Glitters: There are many so-called edible glitters sold on the internet. But don't be fooled many are non-digestible and therefore not officially classed as edible. At Almond Art, you can be sure we only sell glitters which are classified as edible.
  • Edible Paints: Edible paints are just that! a paintable solution which is edible, ready-mixed so you don't have to, they are convenient and easy to apply just use a brush for fine lines, intricate and delicate details.
  • Edible Ink Pens: Ideal for writing or drawing on dried fondant icing, modelling or flower paste. Perfect for adding fine detail or adding a name to a cake if piping is not your thing. Easy to use and a great range of colours available.
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