Cake Boxes and their uses

So, you have made or are making a cake which you will need to transport or at least present it in a professional manner. You need a cake box, but which one?

**As a general rule you would order the same sized box as your chosen cake board/drum. This will keep your cake snug in the box and prevent movement. If you have any overhanging decoration you would need to take this into consideration and allow for it by increasing the size of the box.  The one exception to the rule is if you are using a hexagonal board/drum, if this is the case your box will need to be 2” larger than the size of your board/drum.


White folding box and lid


White Folding box/lid

These are our best selling cake boxes; they are square 2 piece base and lid, mostly 6” in depth. They arrive flat packed are easy to assemble, fairly strong and look clean and professional. If you are making a cake with a maximum height of 5 inches including any decoration, flower sprays, diamante picks, models etc this is the box you will need. If your cake is over 5 inches tall including decoration you can extend the height of the lid by using corner extensions these come in packs of four and will increase the height of the lid to 12”.

One piece boxes

One piece window box

A great lower cost alternative for transporting and presenting your creations, one piece collapsed flat boxes which are easy to erect and allow your cake to be viewed through the acetate window on the top of the box. Suitable for cakes up to 4” deep can not be used with corner extensions.


Stack 'N' Pack cube cake boxes


Stack ‘N’ Pack American style cake boxes

These are exclusive to Almond Art and are a very popular strong box with separate lid. Manufactured from corrugated card finished in White to the outside they are effectively cubes which come in 3 sizes 12x12x12” 14x14x14” & 16x16x16”. They come complete with easy to erect instructions and can be used a number of times. These boxes cannot be used with corner extensions.


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