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To thank all of our loyal customers we've decided to introduce a rewards scheme aimed at rewarding customers who order multiple times. So for every 33p you spend in our online store we'll give you a loyalty point. When you checkout the website will automatically create a loyalty reward from these points and for each point you'll be given a reward of 1p off your next order*. So an order worth 100 points would net you £1 off your next shop*.

* reward discounts are not valid until 7 days from date issued (see below), excludes gift vouchers and shipping charges


Due to our 7 day return policy your loyalty rewards from recent orders are not available for use until after this time. If you return part or all of your order, your loyalty discount will be adjusted to reflect this.

To check the status of your loyalty rewards you will need to be logged in, then click the 'your account' link at the top of the page, then click the 'my loyalty rewards' link to view a list of all your loyalty rewards, their current status and value.


You will earn loyalty points on all products on our online store (excluding gift vouchers), you even earn points on special offer and end of line items.


You must be logged in for your loyalty point rewards to be deducted from your order. If you have a loyalty reward that is available to spend your discount will automatically be removed when you view your shopping basket or start the checkout process.

Loyalty points are linked to you via your account, therefore we cannot transfer loyalty points from one account to another.


Important Info

Loyalty rewards can only be redeemed on our website, we cannot offer loyalty discounts earned on the website in our showroom or over the phone.

Loyalty rewards cannot be used against gift vouchers or shipping costs.

Loyalty rewards have no monetary value and as such cannot be exchanged for money

Loyalty rewards expire after 6 months from the issue date

Customers that already receive a discount from us will still earn loyalty rewards but on the total of their order after discount

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