Coronavirus News & Updates

We'll be keeping this page up to date with the latest news regarding COVID-19 and it's impact on purchases, dispatches and deliveries from and our showroom in Clacton.

Our primary concern during this time is the safety of not only our customers but also of Almond Art staff. If any staff member or any of they're immediate family showing signs of flu like symptoms will be put on mandatory sick leave. While this currently hasn't occurred yet we may experience staff shortages and delays in the future. We will where possible communicate these to you as soon as we know.

Although we are continually monitoring the progress of the virus this is a developing situation with new guidelines and practices being published almost daily.

If you have any questions or concerns over coronavirus (COVID-19) you should read the advice provided by the NHS, UK Government or World Health Organisation (WHO)


For more detailed information please check our News & Updates section below.


Showroom - CLOSED

The safety of customers and staff is our prime concern, therefore, due to the importance of compliance with the government's latest announcement regarding the coronavirus outbreak our showroom will be closed with immediate effect until further notice.

Purchases - Unaffected

We're currently not enacting any maximum purchases or limiting purchases due to panic buying but we will be keeping an eye on the situation over the coming few days.

Packing - Unaffected

We've implemented a number of additional practices for increasing the frequency for washing and sanitising hands during the picking and packing process to mitigate any chance of contamination.

Dispatches - Unaffected

We have been in contact with both the Royal Mail and our other dispatch partners and dispatches are continuing as usual for the time being. If you have or are suffering symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 please inform us in the delivery instructions and respect the safety of your delivery driver and keep your distance. If you'd prefer not to sign the EPOD for your delivery inform your delivery driver if he requests a signature; drivers have already been briefed and can leave your parcel without a requiring a signature.

News & Updates

Mail Order

This service is unaffected by government announcements. We will continue to dispatch mail orders as usual via Royal Mail and our delivery partner APC, both have taken steps and procedural changes to make deliveries to your home/premises efficient whilst protecting your safety.

24-03-20 07:16 AM

Showroom Closure

The safety of customers and staff is our prime concern, therefore, due to the importance of compliance with the government's latest announcement regarding the coronavirus outbreak our showroom will be closed with immediate effect until further notice. Unfortunately, due to other measures announced click and collect is also postponed as of today. If you require goods you would normally collect these can be ordered on our website for delivery by Royal Mail or our delivery partner APC.

24-03-20 07:11 AM

Self Isolation For The Over 70's & At Risk Groups

After the governments announcement yesterday advising all people over 70 and those in at risk groups to self isolate where ever possible we'd like to remind customers to please inform us in the delivery instructions when purchasing online so we can in turn inform your delivery driver.

If you're purchasing goods for a relative and having them shipped to a different address please make sure that the billing address during checkout is where the card you are using is registered to.

Our showroom is still open as usual at this time and if you want to minimise your exposure you are welcome to order online and select to collect your parcel in store. If you'd like to use this service please make sure your delivery address during checkout is in the CO or IP postcode range. If you live outside these addresses but still wish to collect you're welcome to use our address as the delivery address, you can find it at the bottom of every page on the website.

17-03-20 10:26 AM


If you're currently self isolating due to flu like symptoms or to mitigate exposure to the virus and are purchasing supplies for delivery please inform us in the delivery instructions. This allows us to inform delivery drivers so they can take the appropriate precautions when delivering your parcel.

14-03-20 14:07 AM

Signing For Deliveries

Usually when receiving a delivery from our delivery partners (excluding Royal Mail non-signed services) the delivery driver will ask for a signature. The device you sign know as an EPOD usually is signed on a touch screen. With the increased risk posed by COVID-19 delivery companies are allowing customers not to sign for deliveries; if you'd prefer not to sign please inform your delivery driver.

12-03-20 15:44 AM

Increased Sanitation During Parcel Dispatch

With the increase in COVID-19 cases in the UK and with recent events across the EU and the rest of the world we're introducing a number of extra sanitation steps to our dispatches to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus. With increased access to sanitiser gel and strict measures to increase hand washing between picking and packing your orders.

06-03-20 12:08 PM

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