Under the Sea

We have added some fab new products to our Almond Art range including these “Under the Sea” toppers. The printed card on a cocktail stick variety are ideal for cupcakes, cakes, treats and savoury snacks sold in a pack of 12, while the 15 discs are printed with food safe edible ink onto thin sugar so are completely edible and look great on cakes and cupcakes. These are best secured with edible glue if using sugar paste circles or alternatively can just be rested on the top of freshly piped buttercream.

All your beautiful bakes can be set off by these colourful printed card cupcake wrappers sold in a pack of 12. Under the Sea themed products

These cutter sets go well with our “Under the Sea” theme, including Octopus, Seahorse, Dolphin, Whale and Shark, as well as an assortment of little fishes and sea shells.

Of course this theme would not be complete without Mermaid Tails, so this set has a small cutter ideal for cupcakes and the large one is perfect for larger celebration cakes and bakes.

These cutters can be used with ordinary sugar paste or fondant as it is known in the USA. If you need your decorations to set hard, a flower or modelling paste can be used instead.

All these products are available from our website www.almondart.com