Edible Icing Image

We have the facility on our website for you to design your very own personalised edible icing sheet to complement your birthday or celebration cakes.

Choose your favourite image or images, be it for fun or to embarrass your nearest and dearest, add a caption, i.e “Happy 18th Birthday Son” and choose from a number of adornments such as stars and circles then pick your colour scheme. If you’re using a colour photo or picture it looks best if you choose one of the colours in the picture for your text as you can see on the sample below.

Icing sheets are perfect for quick cake toppers, decorations for the side of your cake or for complex designs and logos that you can’t make by hand. They are great for business celebrations and corporate promotions.

Here’s an example of an icing image of a particular pair of roller skates wanted on a celebration cake, as you can see we have added our own piped inscription but you can add your own chosen printed wording from a choice of text. In the past we’ve seen examples of holiday pictures and tickets, cruise liners and event entries or designed to surprise the recipient.

This Images maker is a great tool to have in your arsenal, it keeps the cost low and the impact high. Why not give it a try it is VERY user friendly.

Personalised Edible Icing Image