Woodland & Countryside Themed Cakes

Woodland cakes are becoming increasingly popular so we have come up with some ideas to help. However, if you prefer edible decorations we also have icing discs printed with edible ink ready to place straight onto your cakes. To help you finish off your woodland theme we have cupcake wrappers, they are in a pack […]

Under the Sea

We have added some fab new products to our Almond Art range including these “Under the Sea” toppers. The printed card on a cocktail stick variety are ideal for cupcakes, cakes, treats and savoury snacks sold in a pack of 12, while the 15 discs are printed with food safe edible ink onto thin sugar […]

Picket Fence!

Have you tried this new picket fence cutter yet? Perfect for adding to the side of your garden or house themed cakes. The cutter is specially designed so you can place them next to each other to make long sections of fence. Create a classic white picket fence or add some wood grain and create […]

Easy Roses!

Have you tried these new flower piping nozzles? This is what it does, it’s fab and so easy to use! This white iced cake has been embossed with a rose pattern and has a simple shell border. The flowers are piped from the nozzle show, with cerise pink royal icing, but it works just as […]

It’s Not Just A Spatula!

This is an everyday essential, ergonomic spatulas are fab, you’ve got to get yourself one! I’ve just treated myself a bright green one and am not disappointed. Really easy to clean as it is all in one, no where for nasty germs to hide, just wash in warm soapy water or put in your dishwasher. […]

Sprinkles aren’t just for sprinkling!

Fab & Fun Rainbow Sprinkles Cake! This eye catching cake is oh so simple, all you need is sugar paste, sprinkles and edible glue. After covering your cake with sugar paste, apply a thin layer of edible glue all over the surface and press the rainbow sprinkles on flat with your hands removing any excess. […]

Cake Drum, Board or Card, that is the Question!

What do you use and when? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in our showroom. Cake drum is the thickest at 13 mm, covered in foil and comes in many shapes, including hexagonal, heart and oblong, sizes from 6″ to 20″ and colours such as silver, gold, black, pink, blue and purple. […]