From sugarpaste to marzipan, to cake mixes, ready made sponge cakes and fruit cakes. Flavourings to dried fruit and nuts, not forgetting a huge range of cupcake sprinkles and decorations we have a popular range of edible products to help you decorate any cake.

Cake Making Ingredients, Icing, Paste, Marzipan and More

Baking a cake? We can help; we have a wide range of cake making ingredients such as ‘foolproof’ easy to use cake mixes requiring just the addition of water for consistent uniform results every time, dried fruit, chocolate chips, glycerine, glucose syrup, tylo powder, gum tragacanth, leaf gelatine, rejuvenator sprit, edible glue, filling cream, frostings, ready made icings and loads more.

Once you've baked your cake your going to need to cover it. Guess what! We can help: For marzipan we stock our own label neutral paste and Renshaw Rencol marzipan in a variety of sizes. We have an extensive range of Ready to use roll out icings from our very popular own label sugar paste, the full range of Renshaw Regalice / Decor-ice coloured sugar pastes and BFP white and ivory Covapaste.

For cake decorating enthusiasts we have the Squires Kitchen range of sugar flower pastes and modelling pastes in a variety of colours so you can hand make your flower decorations if you have the desire and know how.

So you can obtain all of your cake making ingredients and general baking ingredients in one stop shopping either buy online or visit our well stocked showroom in Clacton-on-sea.