Cupcakes are a hugely popular accompaniment to celebration cakes and can even be used to replace them completely. Create cupcakes that mirror your cakes theme, highlights a particular colour or even a design element. They're also great for handing out at a party, quick and easy and no mess from cutting a cake.

Cupcake Decoration, Cupcake Wrappers, Cases and Baking Trays

Browse our wide selection of cupcake decorations and accessories including cupcake wrappers, coloured cupcake cases, cupcake tulip wraps, foil muffin and cupcake cases. We also have a variety of cupcake baking trays and muffin baking trays.

If you love making beautiful cupcakes we have cupcake wrappers and cases in a range of different styles suitable for birthdays, weddings and Christmas including themed and patterned cases, as well as a variety of decorative wrappers. Use our cupcake baking trays to create the perfect cupcake and decorate using our wide range of edible decorations including, piped sugar decorations, sprinkles, sugar balls and sparkling sugar crystals. Non-edible cupcake decorations are also available.

Our cookie cutters will inspire you to produce cookies of all shapes and sizes and we have a range of cake pop products including lollypop sticks, cake pop bags and candy melts in many different colours.

All our wrappers, cases, cupcake decorations, baking trays and cake decorating supplies are available online and in our showroom.