Card, Board & Drums Stock

Due to a global shortage of card & fibreboard, we are experiencing difficulty in obtaining a regular supply of cake boards and drums. We are doing everything possible to provide basic sizes but supplies are sporadic and only popular sizes of round and square are currently being made. There are no supplies available of oblong or coloured drums and these are not being made at the moment by manufacturers.

If you can't find the cake card you need, you might consider checking out our range of hardboards or cake drums for an alternative.

Cake Cards

Our cake cards are 2mm or 3mm thick and ideal as a base for small or light sponges .They are literally thick card covered in a hygienic foil all ready to place your cake on, they can be used for stacked cakes where sponges are used and are designed to be hidden, therefore you would use the same size card as your cake.

They can also be used for single cakes or gateaux. Alternatively the white polycoated cards can also be used as support where they will not be visible. Not suitable for fruit cakes

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