13mm - Moss Green Floral Tape (½" x 30yrd)

Brand: Hamilworth

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This 13mm Moss Green floral tape is perfect wire wraping around wired flowers, foliage, star and heart sprays. It covers the wire and keeps everything in place with its sturdy adhesive.

13mm - Moss Green Floral Tape (½" x 30yrd)


This professional floral tape is used for winding around stems of flowers, leaves and decorative sprays to hold them all together securely. 

The tape is ideal for taping round wires and stems to keep in them in place with its strong and sturdy adhesive qualities.

It isn't sticky to the touch, so, you must pull the tape to release the adhesive, this makes the tape sticky, don't worry it won't usually stick to any other surfaces.

Floral tape is perfect for any style of flower arrangement whether for a special occasions, table centrepiece or even a gift, this tape will make your flower sprays safer to touch. 

Taped flowers should never be inserted straight into a cake, they should always be placed into a flower or posy pic first and then the pic inserted into the cake.

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