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Square Cake Drums

If you’re looking for square cake drums, look no further. Cake boards, also known as cake drums, are the ideal base for displaying large and decorative cakes. At an average of 12-13mm of thick, strong cardboard coated in a metallic foil, these square cake drums can take the weight of any cake you can bake. Generally speaking, you should go for a cake board which is 2”-3” larger than the length of width of your cake. Not only does this help support your cake, no matter how dense it may be, but it simply adds the distinct aesthetic appeal that comes with using high quality square cake drums. If you need any help in choosing the perfect square cake drum for your next creation, make sure you call Almond Art today.

Silver & Gold Square Cake Boards

Here at Almond Art we strive to supply the very best cake supplies at the most affordable prices. Our square cake boards come in two different colours – metallic grey and gold. The metallic cake drums in our collection start at 6”, moving up to 20” in 1” increments. Our luxurious gold cake drums start at 8”, going up to 16” at our largest. Whatever your tastes, needs or budget, we’re confident that we have the perfect products for you here today.

As part of our dedication to being a UK leader when it comes to cake supplies, we even offer bulk discounts on a selection of the square cake drums in our range. We’re committed to providing the best supplies at the most unbeatable prices, so whether you’re in need of a single cake board or a baker’s dozen, we won’t be beaten on price.

Why Choose Almond Art For Your Square Cake Drums

We’ve been dedicated to providing bakers with quality products since we opened in 1993. Since our origins as the friendly, one stop shop for cake supplies, we’ve provided countless supplies to bakers up and down the country. We’ve expanded greatly over the last couple of decades 20 years or so, and now supply everything from mixing bowls to wedding cake toppers. We’ve even picked up quite a bit of baking knowledge over the years too, so if you have any questions about which product is best for your next bake, don’t hesitate to give us a call. As your friendly, one stop shop for cake supplies, we may even share some of our favourite recipes with you.

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